I listened to this just before I left work, and it occurred to me that I’ve read a lot about shifting masculinity in rap, the opening up of hip-hop, which is great, but that’s largely left female rappers behind - the stakes are still too high for them, and there’s protection in being closed off and hyper masculine (even if your thing is wrapping that up in hyper femininity). So that just makes this Angel Haze track even more amazing to me. Like, what’s tougher: rapping about how you were forced to perform oral sex on a boy, or threatening to put your diiiiick in someone’s faaaaace? (The former.) But like, it’s also a shame to compare this to basically what’s just being emo and maybe admitting to having your heartbroken in a song or wearing tight jeans, which is how hip-hop has shed its masculinity, supposedly. Doing this track is so beyond that. Anyway! You should listen to this if you haven’t already.   

  • Source SoundCloud / fuckraeen